Elijah Bossenbroek was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He started taking piano lessons at age six, but wasn't a typical piano student. He often hated the dull repetition behind learning notes and playing to metronomes. Frustrated with playing by the rules, Elijah began writing his own piano compositions at age fourteen. 

At the age of eighteen, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where he spent the better part of 5 years traveling to places such as Mississippi, Japan, California, and Kuwait. He would find any opportunity he could to fiddle around on a piano, even taking a small keyboard to Kuwait with him in the midst of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Upon his return from the deserts of Kuwait, and working a few odd jobs, his Mom told him she would pay him two months salary if he would quit his job and record a CD. With very little persuasion, Elijah purchased a home recording studio and began working on his first album, and two months later "Harmony In Disarray" was born. This CD caught the attention of an A&R of "A Matter of Substance Records" and Elijah Bossenbroek signed on to have them help produce and market his second album "Carpe Lumen"  

Since then, Elijah Bossenbroek has bought out of his contract with A Matter Of Substance and is once again an independent artist and loving the freedom that comes with that! He performs throughout the Nation for various Art, Wine, Music Festivals and small venues. He is also branching out into scoring music for a couple films and licensing his previous recordings for marketing purposes throughout the World.